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Southern 8ths Farm is the complete training venue.  Whether it is the indoor arena to get out of bad weather or the large sand and grass outdoor arenas, you’ll find it all when you visit our place.

Please scroll below to read about and view out indoor and outdoor arenas.

Indoor Arena

It might be that soaking rain or maybe just the hot, unbearable sun, it doesn’t matter, this arena is a pleasant ride any time – day or night.

Our 80’x 180′ steel and fabric arena with its 40′ high ceiling is the latest in covered arena technology.  It is bright on the cloudiest day without lights and even brighter at night with the reflective white ceiling. It is a pleasant ride any time day or night.

Surrounded with a solid kick-board for safety and a sand, fabric and rubber combination under foot, you won’t miss a step regardless of the weather when it comes to improving your riding skills.

Indoor Arena

  • Our indoor arena measures 80′ X 180′ – plenty of room to ride
  • The footing is a mix of sand, rubber and fiber
  • It is constructed of fabric and steel with a solid kick-board around the perimeter to protect both the horse and rider

Indoor Arena


Our outdoor 200’x 280′ all weather composite arena is complete with mirrors to assess your ride and makes any ride that much better. Whether working on your Dressage or Show Jumping or just working on gymnastics or trot poles, the arena provides a large, well-groomed area that allows you to focus on you and your horse instead of being distracted. And with the lights and speaker system it is the perfect venue for your trainer to help you day or night.

Outdoor Arena