Randy Boni

International wood carver Randy Boni is Southern 8ths’ resident artist. Randy had started with a few simple jumps and moved to more impressive artistic works over the years.  Starting with an idea of the fox and hound, Randy used Southern 8ths own hound as a model for his “Saving the Cubs” log jump.  He created a jump where the vixen is leading the hounds away from her cubs.  It was so well done, we moved it out of the field and placed it in front of our own barn.


After that, neighbors kept donating logs and Randy kept carving.  His next work of art was on a 7,800 pound log donated by Danny Curtis of Chesterfield, SC.  Randy stood the log back up (with the help of two cranes) and created the “Tree of Life” representing the surrounding woodlands (complete with a hound introducing himself to the local raccoon.)

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Clifton Keith then donated a tree from his mother in Ruby SC.  With a high power lift, the log weighing over 11,000 pounds was turned into the “Pond Scene” representing the local ponds on the property.

Randy’s “Lesson Log”, was donated by the family of Clyde Mills of Ruby SC which took an industrial lift to move the 29,800 log onto the property and into place.  Randy and his brother Rick turned this log into their masterpiece called “The Lesson” where momma cat is teaching her baby cat how to catch dinner, while graciously reducing the local hog population.

And, we can’t forget the Mermaid.  Tremaine Cooper sent a large Ash log from Massachusetts to be turned into a masterpiece. His only request, “Can he do a mermaid?”.  Yes Tremaine, I think he can!

Randy works at Southern 8ths on a regular basis. Feel free to call ahead to see when he is here next and see the master work.