I Know I’m An Eventer When…

By Brad Turley

A while back in FL at H/J Central I was coming back from the barn and stopped at the grocery store to pick up some carrots. As I was getting out of my truck an H/J type person noticed I had two saddles in the back. They asked if I was a Jumper or rode Dressage. I said, “Both, I Event? Next thing I know they ended the conversation and had to rush off to buy some radishes or something. When I told a few of my friends this story, a whole list of “I’m and Eventer because…” comments happened. So with the help of my friends, here’s what we came up with. Hope you enjoy.

I Know I’m an Eventer because …

  1. My non-riding friends raise their eyebrows when I mention my stud collection.Yea, I've got a pretty good collections of studs.
  2. After a competition I use the ice for my horse and take my drink warm.
  3. I’ll eat a sandwich while mucking stalls and have an energy bar while picking my horse’s feet.
  4. I spend hours braiding and cleaning my horse only to gallop through water and mud a few hours later.
  5. I have more competition clothes than I have office wear.
  6. I get away with telling my significant other that my extended daily training is good for her because it makes me a safer rider and therein will give us more time together in the future.
  7. Having a decent dressage test is just the icing on the cake we call x-c.
  8. I don’t mind when people compliment my horse instead of me.
  9. Even a bad dressage test or stadium with a rail down is better than a good day in the office.
  10. Horse snot is an acceptable clothing accessory.
  11. Three phases seems normal, what would I do the rest of the day if there was only one.
  12. My barn is cleaner and more organized then my home or office.
  13. I feed my horses more supplements than I take.
  14. I am never sorry for inclement weather, as it is the great equalizer.
  15. I give no thought to the amount of time and money I spend to ride for a few competitive minutes.
  16. I know more about footing and soil conditions than most landscapers.
  17. I love fear it makes me giggle (This is Sharky’s. Guys don’t giggle.)
  18. I expect to be fatigued at the end of the day, and ribbons are optional.
  19. Being a good horseman is more important than how I look.
  20. I get to spend several days away from the office for one competition and spend quality time with nice horses and real people.

And if you can help add to the list, I’d love to hear how you know you’re an Eventer.