Interpreted Dressage Test Comments

druh-sahzh or dre-sazh and Euphemisms By Brad Turley Dressage has always been a challenge for me. From the time I heard the “dress-something,” I wasn’t sure if it was referring to my attire, my age or even how to say it. So while the proper pronunciation might be difficult for me, the … [Read more...]

I Know I’m An Eventer When…

By Brad Turley A while back in FL at H/J Central I was coming back from the barn and stopped at the grocery store to pick up some carrots. As I was getting out of my truck an H/J type person noticed I had two saddles in the back. They asked if I was a Jumper or rode Dressage. I said, “Both, I … [Read more...]

Learning the Ropes

By Brad Turley Even with a trainer helping me learn the ropes, I found Eventing a bit confusing at first. From getting ready to compete, to packing for the competition, to arriving and warming up through each phase, it sure seemed like a lot of rules and regimen. And the clothing thing … I felt … [Read more...]

Whoa Dammit!

By Brad Turley So how did I become an Eventer? My story is pretty straightforward. I have an 18+hh, 1800 lb. draft cross named Sudden Impact a.k.a. Whoa Dammit. He’s a little strong, a bit forward, thinks pretty highly of himself and strikes his own path in life. I bought him about six years ago … [Read more...]

This is My Hobby

By Brad Turley I attended the annual USEA Conference in Colorado Springs this past December and had the opportunity to listen and talk to some of the world’s greatest riders. Wow, what a place to be. The top riders in the world sharing their tips and insight. It was definitely worth the price of … [Read more...]