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“Coping” With the Heat, Treefrog Style

In the hill country of Texas where I live, it has been a pleasantly cool summer, thus far.  It has only recently begun to get hot and temperatures have only crept to the 100 degree mark in the last couple of weeks.  The rivers here are still quite high and most of the native Texans I speak … [Read more...]

The Story in the Scat

While I was back at Southern 8ths Farm in early June, the rains of the spring had helped nature paint the landscape in a lush green across every square inch of the farm.  The fields were rich and thick with new growth and the trees were still sending fresh new leaves to touch the sun.  The first … [Read more...]

Saturniidae At Southern 8ths

When it comes to nature, I'm easily excitable.  Of this, I am well aware.  On more than one occasion, I've been leading a nature walk and I see something that gets me so excited, the people around me either get just as excited or wonder what is wrong with me.  Nature is full of wonder and surprises … [Read more...]