A place for Nature & horses too.

Southern 8ths is located in an area of convergence, where the Piedmont & Coastal Plain meet along the state line of North and South Carolina. This land is rich in American and natural history, and has a history of horses being present since the late 18th century. The geophysical nature of these 1,400 acres of preserved land has encouraged the growth of rolling pastures and fields, diverse upland and bottom land hardwood forests and planted pine stands. The waters of Thompson Creek and its tributaries drop over shale bases to join the Great Pee Dee River and flow to the Atlantic. This land is home to reclaimed grass prairies full of insects and dappled sunlit woodland trails, offering respite to birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and humans.

This “corridor of green” is a work-in-progress, and it is teaching us about its future role in the survival of humankind and animal-kind.

What makes it special

Beauty & Serenity Abound

Southern 8ths Farm
Barn Swallows