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Horsemanship is about horse and rider becoming singular in accomplishment – more than just a team of two, but a single entity with one heart and soul.  This requires a wide range of facilities that can present all the different types of challenges you will face.  It reaches back to the traditional days of the horse when you had to be able to navigate any terrain, obstacle or challenge.  Nowadays, you usually find a ring or maybe a limited cross country course with a couple dozen questions.  Southern 8ths sees it differently.  Why not present the ultimate variety of challenges to enhance the riding experience with the aim of that singular perfection?

No matter what skills you want to improve upon, we have the course for you at Southern 8ths Farm. From our the measured Roads & Tracks, to the Steeplechase courses, to our fun Derby Field and of course, our Cross country courses, you’ll never be at a loss for a place to improve your riding skills.


Derby Field