Introducing the Coaching Allowed Division at Southern 8ths

The Heart of the Carolinas Three-Day Event and Horse Trials at Southern 8ths Farm in Chesterfield, S.C. was the first horse trials in the country to offer the newly developed Coaching Allowed Division (CAT) at its May horse trials. Though the division was small, the riders’ efforts were mighty, and … [Read more...]

Watch the Heart of the Carolinas Three-Day Event and Horse Trials LIVE This Weekend

The Heart of the Carolinas (HOTC) Three-Day Event and Horse Trials at Southern 8ths Farm in Chesterfield, S.C. is live streaming all three phases of the 2016 long-format competition with color commentary from clinician Sally O'Connor and announcer Charles Pinnell. Friends and family of … [Read more...]

Heart of the Carolinas Celebrates Amateur Riders and the Classic Eventing Format

The sixth annual Heart of the Carolinas (HOTC) Three-Day Event and Horse Trials is coming to Southern 8ths Farm in Chesterfield, S.C. May 4-6, 2016. With the goal of providing an unparalleled educational opportunity for riders and carrying the classic long-format forward, Southern 8ths is unveiling … [Read more...]

“Coping” With the Heat, Treefrog Style

In the hill country of Texas where I live, it has been a pleasantly cool summer, thus far.  It has only recently begun to get hot and temperatures have only crept to the 100 degree mark in the last couple of weeks.  The rivers here are still quite high and most of the native Texans I speak … [Read more...]

The Story in the Scat

While I was back at Southern 8ths Farm in early June, the rains of the spring had helped nature paint the landscape in a lush green across every square inch of the farm.  The fields were rich and thick with new growth and the trees were still sending fresh new leaves to touch the sun.  The first … [Read more...]

Saturniidae At Southern 8ths

When it comes to nature, I'm easily excitable.  Of this, I am well aware.  On more than one occasion, I've been leading a nature walk and I see something that gets me so excited, the people around me either get just as excited or wonder what is wrong with me.  Nature is full of wonder and surprises … [Read more...]

Interpreted Dressage Test Comments

druh-sahzh or dre-sazh and Euphemisms By Brad Turley Dressage has always been a challenge for me. From the time I heard the “dress-something,” I wasn’t sure if it was referring to my attire, my age or even how to say it. So while the proper pronunciation might be difficult for me, the … [Read more...]

I Know I’m An Eventer When…

By Brad Turley A while back in FL at H/J Central I was coming back from the barn and stopped at the grocery store to pick up some carrots. As I was getting out of my truck an H/J type person noticed I had two saddles in the back. They asked if I was a Jumper or rode Dressage. I said, “Both, I … [Read more...]

Learning the Ropes

By Brad Turley Even with a trainer helping me learn the ropes, I found Eventing a bit confusing at first. From getting ready to compete, to packing for the competition, to arriving and warming up through each phase, it sure seemed like a lot of rules and regimen. And the clothing thing … I felt … [Read more...]

Generous Sponsors Make the So8ths/Nikon Three-Day Extra Special for Amateurs

The competitors in the third annual So8ths/Nikon Three-Day Event in the “Heart of the Carolinas” were not just overwhelmed by how wonderful the event was but also by the generosity of its sponsors. The event took place May 2-5 in Chesterfield. Amateur riders competing in Beginner Novice, Novice, … [Read more...]